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Saturday, September 26, 2009

1 week Raya Day.

Hello and peace. I would like to story my experience about Eid Day this month in one week. I felt the Eid Day in this year is different with the long time ago, the situation celebrate is abstemious. All muslims people especially, who celebrate the Eid. After one month fasting, Eid as for celebrate the succes because fasting in one month. Fasting is request in Islam to arrest from obsession passion.
Muslims people can't eat in the morning untill evening. But, when the time dusk and the azhan maghrib to echo, muslims people can eat and drink, this time is call fast open.

Back to my story, when the Eid come, all muslims people wear the new dress such as Baju Melayu (men) and Baju Kurung (women) . This is traditional wear. The kids is so very happy when the Eid come, because can collect the money raya from the adults. Many people visit the sibling and neighbour, in village or city. When Eid come, the people who busy is women (wife), prepare to celebrate Eid. Clean the house, make a biscuits raya, and etc.

In Eid Day, have a traditional food like a ketupat, lemang, and rendang. This food is like compulsory when Eid arrived. And then, have a biscuits raya who make with self especially women.

That my experience and little story want to share, if want to know details can get when we celebrate together. Finish....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009



Who not have a dream to live in near bay? i think everyone want to live in near bay or coast or beach. That because in this place is far from city. No pollution, beautiful sight, have a hill in near bay and many more. But, is very beautiful place.

Why people looked for place can make a calm? the answer is, can release tension and solve the problem. Even many people willing to looking for the interested place for got the calm. Such as, living in the bay.
Bay area is not different with coast area and beach area. It's just the geaography in area who different. Some people in their view calm life become from the place who own beach, green trees, hill, sand, and wind blowed. But i think, many place have a peace and calmed.

At the bay, there are also showers available. The water is clean and cool. When we look the place, we got the calm felt and fresh air to breathe. Usually, when we go walk early morning at the bay. When early morning, many people wake up from sleep and then sit at the near bay. That because the wind in early morning is fresh and then better to healthy. Many people take opportunity to felt.

The development in every country already for wooried level. I think many place like the picture on above will destroy in the earth someday. The georgraphy in earth already so old. I think, for the future generation maybe not felling the beautiful area.